Static Site Guarding

SIA Licenced Professional Security Officers, who are assigned on your premises to act as a visual deterrent in order to prevent crime, minimise lost, waste and promote the spirit of Health and Safety.

The advantage of using Atomic Security Static Site Guarding over CCTV or Alarm response is that, CCTV can have potential blind spot areas, on average it takes around 20 to 25 minutes for a response service to reach your site. It takes a thief or intruder around 5 minutes after gaining access to your premises to steal or otherwise do damages. Atomic Security Static Site Officers are trained to be proactive as such any incident is likely to be spotted, prevented and rectified sooner, our Officers can also carry out additional duties depending on your unique requirements such as Fire warden, first aid and reception duties etc. where we have Assignment that involves vulnerable adults or children such as schools or nurseries our Personnel must pass an enhance criminal record check before being deployed.

Atomic Security Ltd is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout the contract. We provide after care via regular contact with you to ensure our first class, professional and dynamic service is maintained and the evaluation of Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s) is reviewed. In order for us to continual improving the quality of our service(s) delivery Atomic Security also collect and monitor feedback from Clients, and Personnel.

“Our Static Site Guarding and Mobile Patrol services are enhancing with cutting edge technology such as Real Time Patrol Monitoring (RTM) and M Trackers, giving our clients proof that our guards are present, active and preforming agreed service level”.